Refund And Cancellation Policy

For Merchants/ Local Stores/ Outlets


1)             You agree and acknowledge that our application/ website/ platform is operated on a ‘pay as you use’ model wherein payments are to be made for advertisements on a per day basis. We do not take advance payments and all payments are to be made at the end of the month, as per the invoice raised for such month, and as such there is no reason or occasion to issue a refund.

2)             You understand and acknowledge that you can stop/cancel the advertisement at any time, from your account, without any interference from us, provided the same is in terms of the Terms of our Application/ Website.


For Consumers


Our Application/ Website/ Services/ Platform is free to use for all the Consumers, and for any product/ service obtained by them from any Merchant/ Local Store/ Outlet advertised/ available on our Application/ Website/ Services/ Platform, such Merchant/ Local Store/ Outlet alone is responsible, including for any refund/ cancellation or quality issues. We are merely providing a platform where Consumers may view deals all over the world and give their reviews and comments on the same, post a deal/ advertisement/ promotion for a local store/ shop/ outlet subject to approval by such local store/ shop/ outlet, and create wishes for a deal for a particular product/ services or from particular stores/ shops/ outlets, etc.